Here lies the visual and the written elements of branding, packaging and campaigns designed for our clients by our nonconforming selves.


Naming, Identity And Brand Development, Brand Strategy,
Advertising, Copywriting, Website Design and Development, Publication Design

Public Outdoor Ping Pong (POPP) is a Perth company that is changing the way we use parks and open spaces in Australia. POPP design and make weatherproof, free-to-use, outdoor ping pong tables. The concept behind the company is to make each table both a form of free, informal recreation and a unique piece of public art. With an energetic, designer bunch as the client, Nude was engaged to create a brand that reflected the game and the owners and effectively introduced outdoor table tennis tables to Australia. Nude created a brand that was equally light-hearted and professional. Through a positive and fun-times design, the brand projected a self assured, recognisable and credible business with a bright future. As the company has grown (nationally and internationally), Nude has helped the brand evolve through different mediums and materials, from exhibition spaces and presentation material at conferences to zine-alogues (a zine slash catalogue), high-volume stickers and a new website to accommodate the company’s expanding product and service offerings.






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