Here lies the visual and the written elements of branding, packaging and campaigns designed for our clients by our nonconforming selves.


Naming, Identity And Brand Development,
Positioning Line Creation, Copywriting, Publication Design

Once known as Design Monkee, Mono is a progressive, award-winning interior design agency that engaged Nude to undertake an exhaustive rebrand. Although a brand and a positive reputation existed with the name ‘Design Monkee’, Nude encouraged the client to establish a new brand and to take on the risk of ‘clean-breaking’ with the old. A clear, precise promotional and education strategy was formulated to communicate to existing, past and prospective clients that the new brand had been established and that the company was moving forward. Mono was the name selected by the client as it aligned with the confident, modern design aesthetic of their interior design. The design of the identity and the brand served to unite the name, the service and the brand through a confident, embracing minimalism. id by mono was the positioning line ( was the domain name) put forward by Nude and these served as an effective means to give ownership to the agency of the
(i)nterior (d)esign concepts and projects they created.






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