Here lies the visual and the written elements of branding, packaging and campaigns designed for our clients by our nonconforming selves.

Helena Bogucki

Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Publication Design,
Art Direction, Website Design And Development

Helena Bogucki is one of the coolest, talented and most humble jewellery designers around. It’s quite the understatement to say that we were excited and honoured when asked to work with her in developing her brand, designing her cartalogue (art-book inspired catalogue, another new one; see earlier ‘as funny’ joke) and her website, and writing an article about her work. For a jewellery designer that is unable to follow trends or even techniques for that matter, we were pressed to push the boundaries with the design, the layout and navigation of the website and the printing and finishing of the catalogue. The finished material take the viewer around unseen corners and offer hidden, visual treasures, a somewhat complementary approach to her jewellery. The article written by John Durey features in the art-book styled catalogue, where Nude also played a hand in the photographic art direction (photography by the equally inspiring Jackson Eaton). Bogucki’s work has been worn on the necks and wrists of fashion icons, stocked at some of the most prestigious galleries and purchased for government art collections.






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