Here lies the visual and the written elements of branding, packaging and campaigns designed for our clients by our nonconforming selves.

Heirloom by Match

Naming, Identity and Brand Development, Publication Design,
Copywriting, Art Direction, Website Design, Advertising

Heirloom is the adaptive re-use of the Fort Knox building on Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle. A vacant, sparse brick and timber warehouse that existed in an earlier life as a woolstores, it is being transformed into modern, New York-style warehouse living by Match. Nude was engaged to name, develop the identity and brand, and provide the copywriting for the campaign. Heirloom was a name that almost effortlessly suited the project – commenting on the historical and generational significance of the building, the name Heirloom sought to instil in the project an inherent, sentimental value, as if and indeed as it had been passed from generation to generation. It was necessary to contrast this figuratively ‘old’ term with a visually contemporary brand. Nude provided art direction for the photography that was emotive, elegant, artistic and observational; this imagery was then emboldened by a blistering pink colour that first appeared in chapter pages of the project brochure, and a raw, bareness in the design. The copywriting through the brochure took the reader into the life of a city at the cultural heart of Western Australia. The brochure and brand were strategically positioned a design-step ahead of its competitors, again showcasing and reflecting upon the unique, aesthetic features of the building itself.






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